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Like hanging at the pub with your West Ham mates!


September 1, 2020

We are very happy to be partners with these outfits!  Not only do thay provide incredible content, but they also have the same passion for West Ham United as we do.  So if you haven't checked them out yet, go do it soon.  


The first and original opinion poll account relating to all things West Ham. Vote retweet and comment #COYI #WHUFC.  We’re also on Facebook+Instagram.  We use Hammers Polls to start some of our Brit Yank Mass Debates and enjpy their polls immensely.  Follow them on Twitter and get involved... VOTE!



A must have App in you want to keep up with West Ham!  News and lots more, and the way we fill our news segment on West Ham is Why We Drink.  Follow them on social media and visit the website to download the App!


American Hammers Network

The first and original American Hammers YouTube Channel.  Wayne was a co-host from early on and Adam now hosts a gane show on the channel.  If you haven't checked it out you need to ASAP!  

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