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EPISODE 43: It's been a roller coaster ride from Carabao to Leicester to Deadline Day!  The Lads are ready for this international break and deliver a feast of What Was That with their take on some amazing wins! But this episode couldn't pass without what must be called an impassioned rant about Deadline Day and the non-comings and goings.  Social Shenanigans has a few jokes this week in addition to the battle of Hammers Polls, then we go all Northern in a special episode of Pie & Mashup with songs to toast your crumpets on!  A special "Member of the Board" is called on the phone and Wayne and Adam have a fun time... why don't you join them? Yes, there is an opportunity to guest on the podcast, so tune in and stick around to the end to find out how you can be a podcast star!

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September 25, 2020

#GSBOUT and a Punch in the Face

EPISODE 42: Adam returns with a vengeance, and in What Was That the Lads dissect Carabao Cup.  On to Social Shenanigans and Haller is quite the topic as Wayne and Adam show off their lack of talent for accents... well Adam's lack Hahahaha! Then in Bag Heads, Adam has a very special guest direct from West Ham United, who gets quizzed but has failed some tests lately.  A spotlight on American Hammers Facebook Group and congratulations to our partners, Hammers Polls getting 10,000 views on YouTube and this is a fun ride!!!

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EPISODE 41: Back in the saddle and it's new owners or bust on the table today!! Adam takes a well deserved week off and Rebecca claims her prize for winning their Penalty ShotOut and co-hosts with Wayne.  The two start their raucous rants very quickly which is why we have a weird episode thumbnail today.  What Was That and plenty of matches to go over with a brilliant Carabao Cup round win and a not so brilliant league loss to the Toons.  Onto Social Shenanigans (presented by @HammersPolls). We feature a FaceBook Group of the week... WEST HAM UNITED NEWS AND FUNNIES! They are definitely worth checking out! Then the diabolical duo discuss tweets from @jackgambardella, @specky_blonde, @WestHaminVegas and we congratulate Mick Mooney for being our 1000th Twitter Follower all the way from Dublin! Much banter about the possible selling of our club and a lot of fun!

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EPISODE 40: We hit 10,000 downloads last week and want to thank everyone for helping us get there!!! We couldn't have done it without our listeners, contributors and guests! Adam is back today and he and Wayne break down the pre-season matches so far in What Was That. This episode we hear quite a lot about Rice's status and the debate on Anderson's worth in Social Shenanigans.  Either way, some big decisions to be made by the board in the coming weeks. Stick around to the end for some sweaty fun and hear of new shows and competitions.


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EPISODE 39: Well we have had a nice couple of relaxing weeks, but are ready to get chanting!! Today, Adam takes a break and Wayne tries out a one on one interview on a new segment called "The Half Hour Happy Hour!"... HHHH for short.  Many of our American fan base have been asking about our game day traditions back home so we called on a sometimes drinker, John Black, to recant some of his times in the old North Bank and the pubs and tales from when he was younger.  Wayne and John had a great time reminiscing and we hope you enjoy eves dropping!  Next week we will be back to our regular episode as we review the pre-season matches!! #COYI





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EPISODE 38:  We thought it would never get here. but we made it to the end of the season... and survive another year in the Premier League!!! Congratulations West Ham United!!! In this episode we chronicle the final battles of the campaign in What Was That! Then it's off to the grudge match of the year.  Tons of smack talk has led up to this Penalty ShotOut between Adam and Beccy, so who will be victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us... well at least a couple episodes!! Hang on all the way to the end of this episode for a fitting tribute to epic battles won and stay safe out there!



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