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Like hanging at the pub with your West Ham mates!


August 25, 2020


What is a podcast without the occasional guest?  Well, we have been lucky to have some great people on the podcast since we started and below are just a few of them.  Each one of them loves West Ham United with an abundance of passion and bleeds claret n blue!  

We would love to hear from you if you want to be a guest on the podcast.  Just message us on one of our many social media platforms or email us at 

WESTHAMISWHYWEDRINK@gmail.com.  Tell us your name, how long you have been a Hammers Fan and why you want to be on the podcast!  Perhaps you wrote a book about West Ham, or run a YouTube Channel, or maybe you just want to challenge one of us to some West Ham trivia... we look forward to hearing from you!

Guests listed from newest to oldest! 


John Black

John Black 

John used to call the North Bank Terrace home when he was actively going to matches.  A Canning Town lad, he now lives in Las Vegas and enjoys meeting up with Hammers from all over the USA and world when they visit.  Recent years he is known for the West Ham Way USA event that had over a 100 visitors at a massive watch party the start of the 2019-20 season.  


Charlie Walsh


A main contributor to Hammers Chat's YouTube channel, Charlie is a laid back, knowledgeable chap who would make a pretty decent James Bond (with tons of hair).  A trained journalist and incredible video producer, we are honored to have him sit co-pilot with us occasionally as he brings a wealth of knowledge on tactics and West Ham United..




Another of our Dallas Hammers, you would never guess her day job is a school teacher.  Don't let the looks fool you though as she will teach you big time about West Ham and football strategy as she has an incredible knowledge base. Her Dad is a fellow West Ham fan and brought this woman up right!


Rebecca (Specky Becky)


Based in London, Becca will be familiar to viewers of AHTV and Hammers Polls.  She can often be found flicking her blonde locks around and elaborating on her opinion of West Ham.  Plus she is a self described Mark Noble admirer and knows a bit about the beautiful game... and football! 


Tim Melican


Here is a face you surely recognize from American Hammers TV.  Tim has been involved in football all his life and even owned a minor league soccer team in New England.  A great friend to the podcast, we suggest you go check out his YouTube channel... where you will find Adam and Wayne quite frequently!


James Longman


“Longers” is a friend to the podcast and we were so happy when he agreed to be part of our show! Known these days for being the producer of “The James Corden Show,” this London lad is best known in West Ham circles for being the co-founder of the early shows in the KUMB.com podcast. Go check it out and certainly watch the James Corden Show.


Ken Berggren


One of the finest and loudest Dallas Hammers you will find.  Ken served in the U.S. Marine Corps for many years and is currently a nurse.  We thank him for his  service.  He is famous for his kickoff drink, the Hand Grenade! It consists of a 1/2 pint of Guinness, a shot of Jameson, and a shot of Baileys.  The shots precariously balance on the top of a pint glass waiting for Ken to “pull the pin” and... just watch it here! It’s a great way to begin the match!


James Hays


James was part of the original crew of the West Ham is Why We Drink Podcast. Born in the USA, don’t let his American heritage fool you into thinking he knows nothing about West Ham.  His knowledge of the team and its history is second to none, but most importantly… he makes the best darn barbecue brisket in the state of Texas!















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