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EPISODE 38:  We thought it would never get here. but we made it to the end of the season... and survive another year in the Premier League!!! Congratulations West Ham United!!! In this episode we chronicle the final battles of the campaign in What Was That! Then it's off to the grudge match of the year.  Tons of smack talk has led up to this Penalty ShotOut between Adam and Beccy, so who will be victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us... well at least a couple episodes!! Hang on all the way to the end of this episode for a fitting tribute to epic battles won and stay safe out there!



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July 23, 2020

3 - 1… WIN AS A TEAM

EPISODE 37: Nothing like back to back wins to get you in a good mood!  Adam and Wayne give you their thoughts about our win over Watford, their take on the goals, who excelled and who could have done better in What Was That. Then they launch into some Social Shenanigans (presented by Hammers Polls) with posts from Thanks to the following for great social media posts! @jackgambardella, @WestHaminVegas, Fake Carlton @_CarltonCole9, @Lunaphinx, and our friend at @Hammers_Chat ... Charlie Walsh @ReturnOfTheWHAM. Plus @Specky_Beccy gets a taste of Adams wrath in this episode, so sorry Beccy..  Then some dicey comments from both Wayne and Adam get rounded out nicely by Macho Man, a little Hamilton, and a visit from Fat Sam... well it is a celebration lads!!! 




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July 13, 2020

A Quad for Antonio

EPISODE 36: What a great feeling to get such a commanding win!  Michail Antonio has  now assured his name as a Hammers Legend.  The crew start off by giving you their thoughts in What Was That and predict the new game versus Watford. Then it's straight to a Penalty ShotOut, where Wayne is refereeing a match between Adam and a challener who you might know from the YouTube world.  Top it off with some Poll Dancing and a discussion about two interesting polls and there is your fun packed episode!  Once again congratulations to Michail Antonio... you are a BEAST!!!   

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EPISODE 35: We have a mini-Pod for you today and get the show rolling with some What Was That!  Adam and Wayne going into the highs and lows of the match and tell you who they thought was "top shelf" and "dregs of the barrel."  A prediction on our Wednesday match vs Burnley rounds out the segment with some conversation about Lanzini.  Hang around til the end of the episode as Adam gets an interesting surprise and the lads compare heart conditions... how dumb is that?  We will have another episode for you at the weekend, so 'ave a laugh and enjoy this fun fest!

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EPISODE 34: What an incredible match! We are all happy and even more so now that Adam is back in the saddle on Billy the Horse!  We give you our take on the match in What Was That and predict our next against the Jordies.  Social Shenanigans has a discussion about the commemorative shirt and we highlight @Jack Gambardella's "Going Full West Ham.  Next up we have a Pie Mashup with a new twist that will make you laugh.  All this wrapped in bacon and washed down with whiskey... what more could you ask for?

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